Aside from the physical pain that a personal injury can cause, most accident victims also suffer from emotional trauma and financial hardship. Personal injury losses often include significant medical expenses, both from initial treatment and the cost of continued medical care and therapy. When a personal injury is the result of another person’s reckless or negligent actions, the victim has a right to collect financial compensation to cover the full extent of their damages.

Representation from a skilled personal injury attorney, such as those at Charpentier Law Firm, P.A., can ensure that accident victims receive just compensation for all personal injury damages, including prescription drug costs. Contact our Melbourne, FL law firm to learn more about your rights following an injury-causing accident.

Personal Injury Damages

There is a full range of losses that can occur after a serious personal injury. For legal purposes, these injuries are generally broken down into two categories: financial losses and non-financial losses. Non-financial damages can be rewarded to compensate someone for the stress, pain, and emotional trauma that are experienced in the aftermath of an injury. Although it can be difficult to quantify these losses, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to prove non-financial losses and collect appropriate compensation for our clients.

Financial losses are more easily proven and calculated. Financial losses following a personal injury may include the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation, lost income from time away from work, lost income due to an inability to continue working, or the need to adjust work duties (which could have a negative impact on income).

What about Prescription Drug Costs?

In many cases, medical treatment following a personal injury involves the use of prescription medication. Even if just a single medication is needed throughout the recovery process, the costs of medication over time can add up. These costs are multiplied even further when numerous medications are needed.

When insurance companies attempt to settle a personal injury claim, they are likely to ignore these types of costs. However, our attorneys understand the financial impact that prescription drugs can have, and we will fight to ensure that these losses are included in any financial settlement. As long as the medication is deemed medically necessary (as it should be if prescribed by a doctor), there should not be a problem collecting compensation for the cost of prescription medication.

In addition to seeking compensation for medication that has already been purchased, we will calculate any anticipated prescription drugs costs as treatment continues, so that our clients avoid further financial losses down the road.

Learn More About Personal Injury Claims in Brevard County

If you’ve been the victim of a personal injury, it is important to meet with an experienced attorney, such as those at Charpentier Law Firm, P.A., to learn more about your legal rights to financial compensation for damages. Contact us at your earliest convenience by calling 321-308-8020 to discuss the details of your case and find out how we can assist you in collecting the compensation you deserve.



Over the past 40-plus years of helping Brevard County's injured and mistreated, our firm has obtained some $65 million in recoveries on behalf of our clients, highlighted by an $15.5 million product liability award.

The team at Charpentier Law Firm has the negotiation skills to reach favorable settlements in many cases, but also has the experience and perseverance to try a case to verdict whenever it is in the best interests of our clients. Our history of success illustrates our dedication to our clients and their pursuit of justice. Our personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, Titusville, and Cocoa are proud to offer superior legal representation to victims and their families throughout Brevard County and Central Florida.



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