When accidents occur at sea, they are governed by a unique set of statutes known as maritime law. Depending on the type of waterway or vehicle on which you were injured, your case may fall under state or federal law. If you are injured while enjoying recreation or working off the coast, you need an attorney who understands the complicated precedents that apply to your case. A maritime lawyer with Charpentier Law Firm, P.A. can determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your accident. 

Our team, led by Stephen G. Charpentier, has helped many clients receive compensation after maritime accidents. We can help you build a case and collect damages for medical bills as well as pain and suffering. If you have been injured in a maritime accident, call 321-308-8020 to arrange a free case review at our offices in Titusville, Cocoa, or Melbourne, FL.

About Maritime Law

Also known as admiralty law, maritime law describes the statutes and precedents that govern legal disputes on navigable waters. Depending on the nature of your accident, an injury taking place on a navigable body of water may fall under maritime law. If so, your case will require an advanced understanding of both state and federal maritime legislation. Hiring a maritime lawyer is the first step in ensuring your injury is handled fairly and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Maritime Work-Related Injuries

There are very real dangers associated with maritime work. Slip and fall accidents, issues with cargo loads shifting suddenly, or falling overboard are all dangers maritime workers face every day. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and death are all common in maritime work accidents. This type of injury can cause you to lose your main source of income and affect the course of your life. 

Whether your accident occurred in the commercial boating field or during recreation, our team at Charpentier Law Firm can help you build a strong case.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Almost every day, cruise ships leave from Port Canaveral. When you book a ticket on a cruise ship, you sign an agreement limiting the type of legal action you can take against the cruise ship and its parent company. If you are injured on a cruise ship, your case will likely be governed by federal law rather than state law. In addition, you are subject to a one-year statute of limitations, meaning you have a fixed amount of time in which to file a claim against the cruise line.

A one-year statute of limitations applies to cruise ship injury claims.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Maritime Law in Brevard County

If you are injured while working on an ocean barge, fishing boat, or another sea vessel, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. If an equipment manufacturer or other third party contributed to your injury, you may also have a case for a personal injury suit. Our team can help you understand the unique laws affecting your workers’ compensation or work-related injury claim and work to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve.



Over the past 40-plus years of helping Brevard County's injured and mistreated, our firm has obtained some $65 million in recoveries on behalf of our clients, highlighted by an $8 million product liability award in 2001.

The team at Charpentier Law Firm has the negotiation skills to reach favorable settlements in many cases, but also has the experience and perseverance to try a case to verdict whenever it is in the best interests of our clients. Our history of success illustrates our dedication to our clients and their pursuit of justice. Our personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, Titusville, and Cocoa are proud to offer superior legal representation to victims and their families throughout Brevard County and Central Florida.



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