Blow outs and tire tread separations caused by defective tires often lead to serious accidents on the road, especially if the vehicle involved is an SUV or large truck or if the vehicle is traveling at fast, highway speeds. In these situations, the vehicle can roll over and cause serious injuries or death to the driver and passengers, cause expensive damage to your vehicle, or cause the vehicle to collide with other vehicles on the road. Charpentier Law Firm, P.A., represents victims of defective tires in Central Florida, Melbourne, Titusville, and Cocoa who need qualified and experienced defective tires lawyers. Our defective tires attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that their clients receive fair compensation for the losses they have suffered as a consequence of a company’s or manufacturer’s negligence.

Causes of Defective Tires

There are many potential flaws that can lead to a tire being determined defective. These include:

  • Flaws in the design or structure of a tire
  • Defect in the material used
  • Manufacturing flaws
  • Improper storage that encourages weakness or damage to the structure of the tire

Once a company or manufacturer discovers that its product is defective, it must issue a recall on the product, making consumers aware of the defects and requiring them to replace the defective tires with ones that are safe. However, for those consumers who suffered minor to severe injuries in an accident due to negligence on the part of the tire manufacturer, this recall comes too little, too late.

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Over the past 40-plus years of helping Brevard County's injured and mistreated, our firm has obtained some $65 million in recoveries on behalf of our clients, highlighted by an $8 million product liability award in 2001.

The team at Charpentier Law Firm has the negotiation skills to reach favorable settlements in many cases, but also has the experience and perseverance to try a case to verdict whenever it is in the best interests of our clients. Our history of success illustrates our dedication to our clients and their pursuit of justice. Our personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, Titusville, and Cocoa are proud to offer superior legal representation to victims and their families throughout Brevard County and Central Florida.



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