Within the past few years, motor scooters have become increasingly popular, especially in urban areas. While motor scooters may seem like a fast and convenient way to navigate busy city streets, they can be dangerous. Motor scooter accidents are fairly common, and they can result in serious or catastrophic injuries.

Individuals in Melbourne, FL, Cocoa, FL, Titusville, FL, and surrounding areas who are injured in a motor scooter accident can work with bike accident attorneys from Charpentier Law Firm to determine accident liability and seek financial compensation for damages.

What Is a Motor Scooter?

A motor scooter is similar to the scooters that are commonly used by children. They look like a thin skateboard attached to a tall handlebar that allows for steering. However, unlike traditional scooters, which are powered by kicking off with the feet, motor scooters are powered by a small motor or battery. This allows motor scooters to travel much faster than a regular push scooter, often in excess of 15mph. While some people own personal motor scooters, it is far more common for people to ride e-scooters, which are motorized scooters available for rent in areas like parks, beaches, and downtown.

Dangers of Motor Scooters

Motor scooters, especially those available for rent, have become highly controversial, with many cities taking steps to ban them. The issue that some people have with motor scooters is their safety. There are many dangers associated with motor scooters.

  • Lack of regulations: Motor scooters are poorly regulated because it is unclear if they should be classified as a bike or motor vehicle. People sometimes ride on the street and sometimes on sidewalks. They often ride at excessive speeds and fail to adhere to traffic signals.
  • Lack of safety features: Like a bike or motorcycle, motor scooters lack basic safety features, such as safety restraints, air bags, or a protective frame. Even worse, since motor scooters are often rented on a whim, many ride without a helmet or other protective gear.
  • Lack of experience: Again, motor scooters are often rented. This means that many riders are riding for the first time, or with little experience. This, combined with a scooter’s natural instability, increases the risk of an accident.
  • Poor visibility: Motor scooters are small and can be easily missed, especially since most motorists are not on the lookout for these vehicles.

Motor Scooter Accident Injuries

Since motor scooters do not travel as fast as other vehicles, some may assume that accident injuries would be minor. However, because of the lack of protection, motor scooter accidents tend to be highly damaging. Potential motor scooter accident injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Liability for Motor Scooter Accidents 

Whether someone is struck by a motor scooter or struck by a motor vehicle while riding a scooter, accident damages can be steep. It is important to hold liable parties accountable for the economic and non-economic losses stemming from a motor scooter accident. Liable parties may owe financial compensation for a wide range of accident damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, a loss of wage earning potential, and pain and suffering.

Motor scooter accident liability is often unclear to accident victims. Our attorneys can look at the details of an accident to determine who is at fault. Depending on the situation, accident victims may be due compensation from:

  • A reckless scooter rider
  • A reckless driver
  • The scooter company
  • A parts manufacturer

Get Help After Your Brevard County Scooter Accident

If you’ve been injured in a motor scooter accident, the attorneys at Charpentier Law Firm can help you determine the compensation you are due. To discuss your accident with our legal team, send us a message online or call (321) 308-8020 to schedule a consultation.



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