If you or a member of your family has suffered a serious personal injury, you already know the countless ways it can turn your life and the lives of your loved ones upside down. You suddenly find yourself faced with overwhelming obstacles that you never could have expected, not least of which are those that are financial in nature. Not only are there mountains of medical bills and other costs related to the injury piling up, but the monthly expenses still need to be taken care of, as well. To top it all off, most serious personal injuries make it impossible to work, cutting off at least one source of income.

That’s where the Charpentier Law Firm and its experienced legal team come into play. Our Melbourne, FL personal injury lawyers can help to ensure that you receive every cent of damages to which you are entitled for the losses and expenses related to your injury, including loss of income. We have the skills, the knowledge, and the resources to handle even the most complex personal injury cases successfully, and we are able to identify the full measure of damages our clients deserve with uncanny precision. We would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, or if you have tragically lost a family member in such an accident, we urge you to arrange for an evaluation of your personal injury case by contacting Charpentier Law Firm today.

How Is Lost Income Determined?

Determining lost income can be a fairly straightforward matter or a relatively complex matter, depending on the circumstances of the injured victim. For example, if a person has a full-time job in which he or she earns a regular salary from an employer, collecting information about that person’s income would be quite simple. On the other hand, someone who is self-employed and makes irregular income would be more difficult to document. However, a skilled attorney would be able to present strong evidence for either victim.

In general, injured victims may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Lost wages because they were unable to work due to their injuries
  • Lost wages because they missed time from work while undergoing treatment for their injuries

Injured victims are not expected to shoulder the burden by using their own sick and vacation time to cover their lost wages. If you have used any of this time, you may seek compensation for it, as well.

If you are self-employed, have income that fluctuates over the course of a year, or have income that rises and falls on opportunities such as sales meetings, your tax return may be the best evidence of your income over the course of a year.

Learn More about Personal Injury Cases and Loss of Income

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Over the past 40-plus years of helping Brevard County's injured and mistreated, our firm has obtained some $65 million in recoveries on behalf of our clients, highlighted by an $15.5 million product liability award.

The team at Charpentier Law Firm has the negotiation skills to reach favorable settlements in many cases, but also has the experience and perseverance to try a case to verdict whenever it is in the best interests of our clients. Our history of success illustrates our dedication to our clients and their pursuit of justice. Our personal injury attorneys in Melbourne, Titusville, and Cocoa are proud to offer superior legal representation to victims and their families throughout Brevard County and Central Florida.



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