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It's surprising to many clients but it's true--many legal cases never go to a full trial. Instead, they are resolved outside of court in a legal settlement. There are many reasons why settling out of court may be better than going to trial, which we'd like to go over in basic detail right now.

What Is a Legal Settlement?

In basic terms, a legal settlement is the resolution of a case made before a trial begins. When the settlement is reached, the plaintiff agrees to no longer pursue the legal claim against the defendant. In return for this, the defendant agrees to pay the plaintiff a certain amount of money. In certain cases, a defendant may also agree to perform a certain action as part of the settlement; this would be in addition to or in lieu of the monetary payment.

Are Legal Settlements Common?

Like we noted above, legal settlements are quite common. This is not just true about smaller cases and everyday sorts of legal claims. Many cases that involve celebrities as well as big companies and major corporations also end in settlements rather than proceeding to trial.

The Advantages of Settlement Over a Full Trial

You may wonder why a settlement may be preferable to a trial. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

  • Less Expensive Than a Trial – A trial can incur a number of costs. Settling outside of court will allow you to avoid these additional expenses from a full trial.
  • No Need for Lengthy Court Proceedings – Trials can take months and sometimes years. Time and money are major reasons why a settlement may be a better option.
  • Less Stressful Than a Full Trial – Given the cost of a trial, its duration, and the focus required, it should come as no surprise that they can be quite stressful. Settlements are less taxing on people.
  • Helps Matters Remain Private – As a trial progresses, there is the chance that certain details may be made public. Settlements can help keep that sort of information away from the public.
  • Greater Certainty Than a Jury – It's sometimes hard to predict how a jury will rule, even with a solid case on your side. Settlements avoid the disappointment of a mistrial or a ruling against you.

Helping You Make Smart Legal Decisions

Keep in mind that while there are advantages to legal settlements, it may actually be in the public interest for a case to go to trial. This is especially true if there is a social significance to the case that can affect real change for others in similar circumstances.

There are major decisions to make, and it's why we will be sure to go over all of the pros and cons involved so you can make a confident decision about these matters. Our team is here to help you.

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