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Our personal injury attorneys will, of course, handle all of the stages of a personal injury lawsuit, including the filing of paperwork, on your behalf. Our Melbourne, FL legal team understands that the process of filing a lawsuit can be confusing to anyone who isn’t educated, trained, and highly experienced in personal injury law. We will gladly relieve you of the burden of filing your claim so that you can focus on restoring normalcy to your life after your accident.

We invite you to learn more about the process of filing the paperwork associated with a personal injury lawsuit by reading the following blog post and then contacting our accident attorneys to arrange for an evaluation of your case.

Filing the Court Papers to Initiate a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Collectively, the papers filed in court at the beginning of a personal injury lawsuit are called pleadings. Pleadings include the declarations filed by our personal injury attorneys on behalf of our injured victims - the plaintiffs - as well as the responses filed by the attorneys on behalf of the parties from whom we are seeking damages in the form of monetary compensation - the defendants.

The document that we file on behalf of our injured client is called a complaint, also sometimes referred to as a petition. The complaint provides details about:

  • The exact parties involved (i.e., the plaintiff([s]) and the defendant[s]).
  • The legal grounds for the court’s jurisdiction over the case.
  • The plaintiff’s claims.
  • The facts out of which the plaintiff’s claims arise.
  • The damages we are seeking from the defendant(s).

The complaint will be delivered to the defendant along with a document called a summons. The summons informs the defendant of the lawsuit, the court where the suit will be heard, and the date by which he or she must respond to the complaint.

The defendant’s official response to the complaint is a document called an answer. The answer permits the defendant to respond to each part of the complaint by admitting fault, denying fault, or claiming insufficient knowledge to admit or deny, along with the option of providing defenses. The defendant may also at this time file a counterclaim against the plaintiff, which will initiate a process through which the plaintiff will have the opportunity to respond with an answer.

Arrange for an Evaluation of Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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