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Gyms and Personal Injury

Injuries can occur at gyms for a variety of reasons. Personal injury attorney Stephen G. Charpentier discusses potential fitness center lawsuits.

Steve Charpentier Sep 08, 2019

On Premises Liability Lawsuits Pertaining to Bars and Lounges

People at bars, clubs, and cocktail lounges should not be harmed while there. Premises liability lawsuits hold property owners accountable.

Steve Charpentier Sep 02, 2016

Can I File a Worker’s Compensation and a Premises Liability Claim?

Our personal injury attorneys help work injury victims explore the possibility of a premises liability lawsuit in addition to worker’s compensation.

Steve Charpentier Aug 17, 2016

Premises Liability Cases Involving Falling Tree Branches

Falling tree branches can be dangerous. When they injure people on other people’s property, there can be grounds for premises liability lawsuits.

Steve Charpentier Aug 01, 2016

The Complexities of Commercial Premises Liability Lawsuits

As an invited patron of stores, restaurants, and other commercial properties, you have a right to expect safe premises, rights that we can help uphold.

Steve Charpentier Jul 18, 2016

Premises Liability Law and Elevator and Escalator Accidents

When people are injured in elevator and escalator accidents, premises liability law can come into play, leaving property owners liable for damages.

Steve Charpentier Jul 12, 2016

Premises Liability Cases Involving Falling Debris

If you or someone you love has been struck by falling debris on someone else’s property, you may be eligible to file a premises liability…

Steve Charpentier Jul 01, 2016

Does Premises Liability Apply on Private Property?

If you were injured on private property, you may have a premises liability case. For a viable case, a negligent or reckless act must have…

Steve Charpentier Aug 01, 2015

Premises Liability Lawsuits Over Commercial Property Injuries

Accidents on commercial property are often avoidable and the result of owner/employee negligence. That's when premises liability lawsuits must be filed.

Steve Charpentier Feb 17, 2015

Premises Liability Cases: Torn Carpets and Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall cases are among the most common types of premises liability cases, particularly those involving torn carpets.

Steve Charpentier Jul 03, 2014

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