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Large, Heavy, and Dangerous: Types of Commercial Trucking Accidents

By Steve Charpentier on April 07, 2015

A line of large commercial trucksBy their very nature, truck accidents have the potential to cause more damage and devastation than any other type of auto accident. Large commercial trucks outweigh cars, motorcycles, and passenger trucks several times over even when their trailers are empty. When these trucks are hauling hundreds of pounds of cargo, they become even more potentially dangerous and difficult to maneuver, even when they are operated by the safest, most conscientious and experienced drivers on the road.

Unfortunately, while most truckers can be trusted to operate their vehicles safely, there are those whose reckless disregard for the welfare of others makes them a genuine hazard. When the negligent or downright deliberately wrongful actions of such truckers or their employers lead to accidents, the victims of these accidents and their families are entitled to compensation for their needless losses and expenses. While no amount of money can make up for the emotional and physical hardships these victims must face, it can help them to cover their medical and other expenses as they try to put their lives back together. It can also serve to remind those responsible for their injuries that negligence on our nation’s roadways will not be tolerated.

When comes to successfully handling litigation involving all types of commercial trucking accidents, the Melbourne personal injury attorneys of the Charpentier Law Firm have the skills, experience, resources, and track record of success necessary to win even the most complex cases. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a commercial trucking accident, or if you have tragically lost a member of your family in such an accident, we would welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case.

The Most Common Types of Accidents Involving Large Commercial Trucks

There are many possible types of commercial truck accidents. The most common of these include:

  • Rollover accidents: These are the most common type of commercial truck accident and can occur at any speed, including extremely low speeds.
  • Defective auto parts: Accidents resulting from malfunctioning air brakes, defective tires, and other faulty auto parts commonly lead to trucking accidents. In such cases, the designer, manufacturer, marketer, or seller of the parts - or any combination thereof - may be held liable for damages.
  • Jackknife accident: These relatively common accidents occur when truckers brake suddenly, causing the trailer to swing outward and the cab to turn toward the trailer.
  • Ride under accidents: These often fatal accidents result from a truck braking suddenly and a smaller vehicle continuing to move forward under the trailer of the truck.
  • Lost load accidents: When truckers fail to secure their loads properly, the loads can become dislodged and cause a serious accident.
  • Side impact and head-on accidents: These accidents are not unique to large trucks, of course; however, they are far more likely to result in serious injury or death due to the size and weight of such trucks.

Learn More about Commercial Trucking Accident Litigation

To learn more about commercial trucking accident litigation or to arrange for an evaluation of your trucking accident case, please contact our law firm today.

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