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Brevard County, Florida - Driver vs. Rider

By SEO Admin on October 17, 2012

Motorcycle Consumer News-OCTOBER 2012-Ken Condon-According to the article drivers of motor vehicles hardly pay attention to sand, gravel, manhole covers and pavement crack fillers. Even on rainy roads drivers are not concerned too much. But it is much different for motorcycle riders. Taking a beginners course in riding a motorcycle is a wise and safe decision. The instructors will inform the riders of potential hazards on the roadway and some helpful solutions to prepare the rider to avoid those hazards. Instructors spend a lot of time describing many types of hazards that can cause a motorcycle to become unstable and fall.

This new awareness makes you notice hazards more often. Drivers and riders may notice a dark spot in the pavement that would normally go unnoticed. You ask yourself is it oil or just a stain?

The article goes onto say, that putting this knowledge into practice can held avoid many potential hazards. Riders are more aware of their surroundings and avoid the gravel in the middle of a corner, an oil spill at an intersection and a pothole that just might have swallowed your front wheel whole.

Instructors inform riders that some hazards can not be avoided. Instructors will also advise solutions to the riders do nothing abrupt in situations like that. Such as the riders steering, braking or accelerating.

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