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By SEO Admin on December 01, 2011

In an article by Jeff Buchanan in the December, 2011 issue of SPORT RIDER MAGAZINE, he discusses the the issue of the worlds addiction to cell phones, the internet, texting and tweeting. The article states that in a relatively short period of time since their invention, the general public has integrated these various devices into every aspect of life, most notably while driving. This practice demonstrates a disturbing disregard for safety and common sense, risking bodily injury in trade for some connectivity while driving.

To a motorcyclist this new trend presents a very real, very immediate concern; that one might be taken from this planet because of a drivers insistence on texting to a friend. This epidemic addiction represents a genuine threat to motorcyclists by virtue of a simple law of physics; cars weigh a lot more than a motorcycle.

This dangerous, increasingly accepted norm of drivers being drunk while texting and fumbling with dialing has resulted in a serious increase of accidents. The Auto Club has conducted studies and found that drivers who are texting, dialing or chatting effectively reduce their concentration and reaction times to those on par with someone who is legally drunk, increasing the risk of an accident four-fold. Now consider this; a whole lot more people are texting, dialing and yabbering than are drinking. Do the math.

So exactly what needs to be said while driving that is so vital that its worth risking killing and maiming?

Drivers who are texting, dialing or chatting effectively reduce their concentration and reaction times to those on par with someone who is legally drunkMotorcyclists have always been subject to the dangers posted by other motorists. It comes with the two-wheels versus four-wheels territory. The danger has always been present and comes in all shapes and sizes; stupidity, lameness, carelessness, greediness, impatience, anger, and, the most egregious; intoxicationeither by drugs or alcohol. However, unlike driving drunk or while impaired on any number of drugs, for some reason this new fascination with trying to communicate while driving seems to enjoy a high degree of tolerance. There doesnt seem to be much public outcry over it.

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