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Auto Accidents Caused by Improper Lane Changes

Auto accidents caused by improper lane changes can be especially dangerous as they often occur at high speeds on highways and freeways.

Steve Charpentier May 16, 2017

Stop Signs and the Risk of Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can occur anywhere but are particularly common around stop signs. Let's take a closer look at the risks of auto accidents at stop…

Steve Charpentier May 07, 2017

Running Red Lights Can Lead to Serious Auto Accidents

Victims of auto accidents caused by running red lights may be entitled to compensation for damages. The attorneys of Charpentier Law Firm can help.

Steve Charpentier May 02, 2017

Auto Accidents Caused by Backing Out of Driveways

More than half of all auto accidents occur within five miles of home. Many of those are caused by drivers backing out of their driveways.

Steve Charpentier Apr 14, 2017

Personal Injury and Loss of Income

Find out how our personal injury lawyers determine loss of income when assessing damages in a personal injury case.

Steve Charpentier Apr 07, 2017

Wrongful Death and Loss of Consortium

What is consortium exactly, and how does the loss of consortium factor into so many wrongful death cases? Is it relevant to your case?

Steve Charpentier Mar 31, 2017

Parking Lot Pedestrian Accidents Should Not Be Taken Lightly

When pedestrians are struck by vehicles in parking lots or garages, the injuries can be serious. Attorneys can help hold negligent drivers accountable.

Steve Charpentier Mar 16, 2017

Crosswalks Don't Guarantee Safety: Pedestrian Accidents

While crosswalks should guarantee some safety, pedestrian accidents can still occur due to negligent motorists.

Steve Charpentier Mar 10, 2017

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Pedestrians are more likely to suffer serious injury when involved in a traffic accident. Let's take a closer look at pedestrian accident statistics.

Steve Charpentier Mar 04, 2017

Motorcycle Accidents and Helmets: Who Is Liable?

The attorneys at Charpentier Law Firm have represented numerous victims involved in motorcycle accidents, with and without helmets.

Steve Charpentier Feb 14, 2017

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